Thursday, March 27, 2008

Covered inPORTLAND

We're donning the cover of inPORTLAND in today's Oregonian. The press is great. Naturally, we're now card-carrying members of the Anna Griffin and Fred Joe fan clubs. Surely, their members are legion.

The kind, congratulatory notes and inquiries have flowed in steadily throughout the day. Thank you, Anna, for helping support our burgeoning community.

Ah, but we can't help but chuckle at one or two small editorial wonders. For instance, I didn't realize I was so well published.

Here's the online version.

It's edited differently than the print version. It claims I have: "managed to escape a career in advertising copywriting to write full time, publishing a couple of novels along with numerous short stories and nonfiction." Well, that's sort of jumping ahead. For the record, if we replace the word "publishing" with "penning" we'd be spot-on accurate.

By the way, the article doesn't offer any contact info save for this blog. So if you made it here after reading the story...

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